AX Bearing

Here at AX Bearing Inc, we pride ourselves on being the distributor that can supply more style and variations of bearings than any other in the US (including but not limited to all types, sizes, and styles from major manufacturers such as SKF, FAG, Timken, and NSK etc).

you can buy with confidence knowing the item you buy a direct receipt

When it comes to hard-to-find or out of stock bearings and parts, AX Bearing INC. a team of highly qualified staff is well prepared for the challenge. Utilizing our global distribution network we can locate and have your requested part delivered without delay. It is for that reason that end users, bearing distributors, and even bearing manufacturers around the globe turn to us when in need of a critical part.

Authorized as a distributor for most major manufacturers if you are looking for high volume of common bearings we can supply those as well, this includes even end-user brands such as “Bando” and “Bones”.

So, the next time your company is in a bind give us a shout and we’ll get you rolling with those urgently needed parts.


     With over forty years of bearing expertise AX Bearing has become a premier supplier of bearing, belts, and sprockets, shipping from both east and west coast and from locations around the globe for quick and reliable delivery.


Contact us with any bearing size, type or measurement during our operating hours and we will get back to you within two hours guaranteed!